My name is Deborah and I am a Designer-Maker with a lifetime passion for, and extensive experience in textiles and all things interiors. Everyone can learn the basic skills required to produce their own, unique interior furnishings. Alongside these skills I will help you create and develop your ideas
 to best suit you.

My background encompasses many years in the Fashion and Design industry followed by a Degree in Design and Technology (specialism - Textiles) with Qualified Teacher status - and working in education.

 In addition to my love for textiles I use an eclectic mix of media to create individual pieces for the home.

My other big passion is upcycling/recycling.

When not in my workshop at home I love nothing more than ‘foraging’ in shops, online or at the odd car boot for anything that might catch my eye – that I feel has potential for another life.

I want to share my love of sewing and creating with you.

Sew. Call me to discuss!